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Maximize Income and Minimize Risk
Are you concerned about the possibility of a financial "Armageddon", a large and unexpected decline of the financial markets, but would still like to invest in high-quality bond funds? If yes, then the Armageddon Portfolio is the right tool for you.


Near catastrophic crashes and prolonged declines have occurred repeatedly in the history of the financial markets. The declines are preceded by increased volatility, as the market rolls over and becomes vulnerable to a crash. Contrary to popular belief, even "safe haven" investments (e.g. gold and bonds) can sell off as investors try to raise cash once the crash is under way. Consequently, cash can become the best-performing asset class during severe market declines.

The Armageddon Portfolio utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms to detect high-risk bond market conditions and provides sell signals to reduce portfolio risk. During the most extreme situations, such as the 2008 banking crisis, up to 100% of the portfolio may be held in cash reserve. This is displayed as a horizontal line on the performance chart. After the market stabilizes, buy signals are issued to re-establish the positions in income funds and the performance chart shows a steady increase again.

In order to maximize income under normal market conditions, the portfolio invests in high-yielding Fidelity income funds. When the dividends are reinvested, the powerful effect of compounding accounts for the continuous rise of the portfolio balance Alternatively, investors can choose to periodically withdraw the dividend income, while keeping the portfolio value close to par.

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Investment style: Income

Performance chart:

Note: horizontal lines on the chart indicate periods, when the entire portfolio is temporarily held in cash reserve to protect against market volatility.

Annual returns:

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