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Investing in high-growth mutual funds requires the careful and continuous evaluation of investment risks. We believe that the best approach is to invest aggressively only in bull markets and become conservative when equity markets turn negative.

Fidelity mutual funds focusing on dynamic sectors and international regions provide great opportunities to pursue this strategy, but it is important to know the best time to invest to minimize risks.

The Aggressive Growth Portfolio is an investment model that provides buy and sell signals. The sell signals will help to reallocate your portfolio mix in volatile markets to reduce risks. The buy signals can help you to uncover exceptional opportunities for growth when equity markets stabilize. 


The Aggressive Growth Portfolio builds on the strategies of our other model portfolios and adds new components, such as health care, natural resources and dynamic international regions. 

One of the most important demographic trends of our time is the move of the baby boomer generation into retirement and requiring more medical care. The corresponding opportunity is investments in companies that are involved in delivering medical care and the development of new medical technologies. That is why Fidelity funds that invest in the health care sector are included in the portfolio. We are very excited about the long-term prospects of investing in this sector. 

Investing in the natural resources sector involves companies, which own and develop natural resources or supply goods and services in this area. Natural resources include gold and other precious and industrial metals, energy investments in oil and natural gas, food, chemicals, forest products and other basic commodities. Investing in natural resources can be highly rewarding during times of worldwide economic growth and may also serve as an inflation hedge.

The globalization of many industries created rapid economic development in emerging economies around the world. The emerging markets we are the most excited about are not only the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries, but also the smaller Southeast Asian and Latin American economies.

Follow the buy and sell signals of the Aggressive Growth Portfolio if you believe that mutual funds investing in select U.S. stock sectors and dynamic international regions offer the best opportunities for growth.

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Most investors would not believe how easy it is to stay on top of aggressive investments using our model portfolio. The key is to pursue a "risk on" strategy in strong bull markets only, and to invest conservatively otherwise.

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